Blue Buffalo Printable Dog Food Coupon

I have found a printable blue buffalo dog food coupon that I want to share with you. Why? Because it is the name of this blog! Sheesh

Blue buffalo has a tonne of great dog food flavours and lines. Their most popular dog foods are blue  wilderness, blue buffalo large breed, small breed, and puppy

They also have a bunch of really good flavours like lamb and oatmeal, salmon, sweet potato, and many more. The great thing about these flavours is that they are not just flavours. They actually put all that stuff in the dog food, and as the main ingredient too! You don’t get a bunch of filler in this dog food. If you don’t believe just look at the blue buffalo ingredients.

You will see all of their food is made with one hundred percent natural ingredients and with human grade food. I actually think these dogs might be eating better than I do ( compare those ingredients with what’s in a big mac! )

Any ways, you don’t give a shit-szu about all that, you just want the coupon. Here it is

Blue buffalo printable dog food coupon

All you have to do is follow this link . And tell them what Terrible dog food you give your dog now, then they will tell you how much better bluebuff is, then you get your $5 off coupon! WHAMMY!