Blue Buffalo Coupons

There are a number of ways you can save money on Blue Buffalo dog food, on this page I will link to every option that is available to you

  • Buy Blue Buffalo dog food at a discounted price online (link is in the article below)
  • Print the Blue Buffalo coupon off their website (click on the true blue test link near the bottom of the page)

In 2014 you will be looking for the most recent blue buffalo coupons, luckily for you I know of the ONLY place to get them. You may notice a lot of spammy websites offering blue buffalo coupons, but the truth is that the only place you can get a valid / legitimate coupon for blue buffalo dog food is from their official web site. In fact blue buffalo even released a news statement on their website about the sale of illegal coupons on ebay and other websites

How to Save Money on Blue Buffalo Dog Food

There are two ways you can save the first is to use coupons, and the second is to buy blue buffalo online. Many people do not know that there are some GREAT deals on Amazon, check the blue buffalo page on Amazon and you will find some of the prices are cheaper than in the stores. If you buy in bulk you will get free shipping and be able to take advantage of the cheaper prices.

Blue Buffalo Coupons

The other way to save big on Blue buffalo is to use a coupon. Blue buffalo states on their website:

“The only legitimate coupons available on the internet are the three and five dollar coupons on Blue Buffalo’s “True Blue Test”.  These are only available one time per customer and are void if sold or transferred.  Any coupons offered anywhere else on the internet are fraudulent.”

You can see that the coupons are only good one per person, so if you have already used one then you will have to check online for blue buffalo dog food for sale, I have linked to the page above. REMEMBER don’t ever buy blue buffalo coupons, but it is o.k to buy their dog food online

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Commercial

Here is a commercial with more information about blue buffalo